Bar Refaeli
Im a simple person… thats all!

As time goes by you realize that to be happy with someone else you ain’t got to need her realize that person you love or think you love and don’t want anything with you definitely is not the person of your life.

you learn to like yourself care about you and love who love you back. the secret is not run chasing butterflies…is to turn your garden most beautiful and the butterflies will come at you.

In the end you will find not who you been looking for…. but who was looking for you!!!!!!


…………………..Living, is not to give a little bit… its to give always its not just to support the offense. its to forget it. its not to feel sorry. its to help, even if that’s bother.

To live, is not simply to smile. its more than that, its to make somebody smile too. to live its not measure your help. its help without measure. its not to help just who is closer, but be always next helping. who really love, make the impossible happen!

Living is always say how important people are, how we love them… cause one day, when they’re gone, you’ll feel you didn’t love or say it that sufficient.

LIVE… Love people around, tell them how much they mean to you. realize that the happiness is such a simple thing, that you can reach it . as long as you show all the good things. as long as you show sincerity. as long as you show Love.

You’re beautiful